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Why you gotta, why you wanna, make me keep wantin you?

This song literally is the story of my life. Every time I tell him I’m never talking to him again, he brings his cute self back into my life and makes me want him even more…But why? It’s like I’ve been in love with the kid for over a year now. Our stupid arguments we have, mean nothing when we’re lost in a car together in the scariest places anyone could ever imagine, getting lost because you went a different way to his house and never made it there, and when he lays his head on my chest because he’s tired. This is why I have not been able to get over this kid.. Driving for a couple of hours around unknown places because you promised you’d go see him because he was a little scared and telling him everything will be okay. I swear, we literally fight like a married couple, joke around like best friends, pick on each other like we’re brother and sister, and love each other more than you could imagine…even though we won’t admit… He’s always there and I don’t think I can ever let go of him. He’s had something my two ex’s have never had, this guy has my heart<3

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